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Beautiful high quality leather has been the Wittner signature for many years. Our passion for quality doesn’t end when you walk out the door or click to place an order online. We want to ensure you love your shoes forever, and that feeling doesn’t leave you after just a few days.

You can always be confident that:

  • Our leathers are natural, full aniline and top grain.
  • Soft and breathable, this material will age naturally over time. Colour and texture will fade and change, reflecting the true beauty of real leather.
  • We use expensive and delicate leathers to create a level of excellence, unique to our products. Only the best is good enough for us. And of course, you!



Here are our tips to help your leather stay beautiful, and keep you walking tall:

  • Store your shoes in a dry, ventilated place to let the leather breathe.
  • Regularly apply Wittner Water Proofer, unless stated otherwise, to help the colour last longer.  Wittner Waterproofer cannot be purchased online as the aerosol cannot be sent through the post. However, you can purchase Wittner Water Proofer at any Wittner store.
  • Clean your shoes with Wittner’s neutral Leather Crème, excellent at removing surface dirt.
  • Don’t dry leather with a direct heat source, let damp or wet leather dry naturally.
  • It is a good idea to polish any patent leather products to remove any fingerprints or marks. We advise Wittner Instant Shine to polish your product.
  • We strongly recommend buying several pairs of shoes so you don’t wear out one pair too quickly. Well, a woman can NEVER have too many shoes!



Certain styles have fragile finishes. Despite the expertise of our craftsmanship, these may come off with wear. Spare trims may be provided, which is a good back-up plan for your favourite heels. However prevention is best, so take extra care when wearing these shoes. Let other people do the running around after you!




This is real snakeskin or printed leather. We only use farmed snakeskin, which is not from protected or endangered species and is checked by Australian Customs before entering Australia.

Like all skins, snakeskin can change in appearance when exposed to light and different environments.

It is an expensive and fragile material that needs to be treated carefully with a little extra love.

Metallics and foils:

These are generally a top layer of material applied over leather. We don’t recommend using standard Water Proofer on these products, but a specific neutral metallic protector and cleaner to keep these styles shining brightly.

Satin, canvas and other fabric products:

A very delicate fabric that can stain easily. We recommend you apply Wittner Water Proofer to your shoes before wearing them. Please cover any embellishments, jewels and trims. This will ensure they stay looking amazing for all your special occasions.


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