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The following frequently asked questions should help answer your queries about our product. If you require further assistance, please contact our Customer Support team.


What are Wittner shoes made from?

Beautiful high quality leather has been the Wittner signature for many years. Our passion for quality doesn’t end when you walk out the door or click to place an order online. We want to ensure you love your shoes forever, and that feeling doesn’t leave you after just a few days. All of our shoes are handcrafted, combining new manufacturing technologies with over 100 years of experience of the ancient hand craft way of making shoes. 

You can always be confident that:

  • Our leathers are natural, full aniline and top grain.
  • Soft and breathable, this material will age naturally over time. Colour and texture will fade and change, reflecting the true beauty of real leather.
  • We use expensive and delicate leathers to create a level of excellence, unique to our products. Only the best is good enough for us. And of course, you!


Where does Wittner source their leathers?

We typically source our leather from many different finished tanneries around the world including Europe, Africa, South America, India, Australia and New Zealand. We observe and support with interest the efforts being made by the leather industry to move towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly leather manufacturing processes and the efforts by most governments and industries to reduce the environmental impact of tanneries. We also prefer to work with tanneries which are working under the European Process Standard, in line of reducing the heavy and harmful chemicals. 


Where are Wittner shoes made?

As almost all Wittner products are manufactured offshore, the company seeks to ensure that it only trades with Ethical Supply Partners. 

When selecting supply partners, the following economic, social and environmental factors are considered before trade commences: 

  1. Its track record and attitude towards its employees and employee entitlements
  2. Employee accommodation conditions (where applicable)
  3. The economic sustainability of the factory
  4. The skill of the workforce and its ability to meet Wittner quality requirements
  5. Its history and compliance with local government and relevant country laws
  6. Its policies on environment protection, and
  7. Any other social, ethical or moral considerations. 


What makes Wittner products so special?

We have been crafting shoes for over a century now, and the Wittner family and extended family put their hearts, souls and passion into continuously improving our quality of leathers, comfort and design.

Our design team stays on top of the hottest trends each season to ensure you are looking your best, and more importantly, feeling your best. Designed for Australian feet, Wittner ensures complete comfort across every product featuring new foam technologies out of Spain, more flexible soles and ongoing review of our entire upper development process, for premium, supple and modern styles which compliment any women’s wardrobe. Life is too short to wear anything but quality. 


What is the best way to care for leather shoes?

Here are our tips to help your shoes stay beautiful, and keep you walking tall:

  • Store your shoes in a dry, ventilated place to let the leather breathe.
  • Regularly apply Wittner Water Proofer, unless stated otherwise, to help the colour last longer. Wittner Water Proofer cannot be purchased online, as the aerosol cannot be sent through the post. However, you can purchase Wittner Water Proofer at any Wittner store.
  • Clean your shoes with Wittner’s neutral Leather Crème, excellent at removing surface dirt.
  • Don’t dry leather with a direct heat source, let damp or wet leather dry naturally.
  • It is a good idea to polish any patent leather products to remove any fingerprints or marks. We advise Wittner Instant Shine to polish your product.
  • We strongly recommend buying several pairs of shoes so you don’t wear out one pair too quickly. Well, you can NEVER have too many shoes!

Please note, clean your white leather shoes with Wittner neutral conditioner only!

Do not clean any Ivory, Nude, Baby Pink, or Red leather with the neutral leather conditioner as it may lift the colour on the leather. These colours must be cleaned with an alcohol free baby wipe only!


Does Wittner sell Heel Tips?

Yes, we sell Heel Tips both online and in any Wittner store, the perfect tool to stop you sinking into grass and protect your heels for the races! 

Use our Store Locater to find your closest store.


What sizes does Wittner carry?

Wittner sells sizes 35-42. 


Does Wittner stock a size 34?

Wittner does stock select styles in size 34. Please contact Customer Service on (03) 9428 1900 during business hours (Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:30pm AEST) or email support@wittner.com.au


Does Wittner have a bridal collection?

Yes, you can shop our bridal range in any Wittner Store or online here https://www.wittner.com.au/shoes/bridal.html


Does Wittner carry half sizes?

No, however the increment between each size is so minimal (6 millimetres) that with the right fitting tools, you won’t need one! 


What is Wittner's bespoke comfort technology?

Wittner has developed a bespoke padding, in partnership with a Spanish supplier, which guarantees more comfortable shoes for longer wear. 

The 3mm memory padding is tailored to deliver a premium standard across all Wittner styles, exceeding industry standards and meeting Australian expectations. Manufactured from a unique recycled compound made up of memory padding which helps support the foot and relieve pressure points, our 3mm memory padding offers complete comfort and relief.

New to the Wittner range is a bespoke 6mm dual density padding, offering twice the support and comfort. The padding is engineered into selected shoes and is unique to the market.

Wittner is proud to offer our customers the best in padding technology. 


I can't see Wittner Waterproofer for sale on your website. How can I purchase it?


Wittner Water Proofer cannot be purchased online, as the aerosol cannot be sent through the post. However, you can purchase Wittner Water Proofer at any Wittner store. Use our Store Locater to find your closest store.



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